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how we work

What is a working principal?

As principals we are more than just the face and  owners of a company - we actually do all the work on your projects. We choose to work in this way for 3 reasons; 1) it requires that we Communicate directly with our clients, thus allowing us to be remarkably responsive, 2) it demands greater accountability to our clients, and 3) it ensures that we remain relevant as Registered Architects. Our focus is and always will be providing our clients with unparalled service with an emphasis on responsiveness and availibility.  From day one your project will be assigned to a principal of the firm who will be your single point of contact and will be intimately involved with your project until it is closed out.  At SQD our prinicipals manage projects, not people.

What is our design process?

No one knows what the vision of their project is better than our clients.  We have learned that the most appropriate and efficient designs occur when the client is deeply involved in the design process.  We are experts at what we do but this expertise is of little value if we do not fully understand what our clients strive for in their projects.


To facilitate this design collaboration and assist clients in visualizing their projects, we utilize a number graphic design tools including: programming gaming sessions, bubble diagrams, computer models, animations, and photorealistic renderings.

SQD Architects will . . . . . . 

  1. Be consistently Approachable and Responsive.  Our goal on every project is to build a relationship with our client. There are no small projects and no small clients. We approach every project with the same care, expertise, and professionalism, whether a $50K renovation or a new $25M hotel.  If we don't make you feel like you are our only client, we havefailed.

  2. Be Respectful of Client Resources.  Too often architect's designs do not coincide with client budgets leading to final designs that do not meet the aesthetic, functional, or budget expectations and requirements. At SQD we are accustomed to working with contractors and developers DURING design, NOT AFTER, to better ensure that what is being designed can be constructed within the financial limits set by our client. 

  3. Be Masters of our Craft. Obviously related to our 'working principal' philosophy of project management and delivery, we prefer to be 'in the trenches' during design and construction.  At SQD, our principals are hands on during design, production, and construction and have proven expertise in all phases of the design process. 

  4. Be Environmentally Responsible. We will strive to incorporate cost effective“green”strategies into all project designs. We also understand client concerns regarding design and construction cost premiums associated with LEED certification.  Our primary goal is to provide a design that makes financial sense for our clients, with respect to first and life cycle costs that is also evironmentally responsible.

  5. Be Involved in Community and Culture.  We are all responsible for the world we live in.  More about this.

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